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A more sanitary, fun and safe way for your family to enjoy 12 oz. and 8 oz. cans.  Accomplishes the same and
 MORE THEN the standard drinking straw 
(benefits listed lower left hand side in bullet section)

0% Choking Factor for the youngest user with a fun Baseball Hat Design

PRB Enterprises is focused on providing a safe and quality MADE IN USA product to consumers across the country and abroad.

**** There are many different beverage can top styles.  Very rarely:  IMPORTANT (initial) FITTING NOTICE FOR SOME SPECIFIC NEWER CAN TOPS,  (only) when the can and the SANILIDtm get WARM. Again, this is in very rare circumstances.  Please click on "services" section above to read details. The SOLUTION  is within the SANILIDtm itself!) Dishwash using heat cycle/sun then store in the frig..****

This notice above, DOES NOT APPLY to most beverage can tops in the market.

We look forward to providing you with our product and some of the value benefits are:  First, OPEN THE CAN THEN SNAP ON

  • Utility Patented - Legal and done the correct way. Copy of patent in (work section tab) above.
  • MADE IN USA - All FDA tests past, twice not just once -SAFE (chemical, stated function, advertising & labeling)
  • Provides a barrier between the can and the consumers mouth (even the lower lip) - MORE SANITARY
  • Covers the sharp edge of the opened can while in use (built in underside seal) - Picture #2 to the right.- SAFE
  • No movable/removable parts = 0% Choking Factor for the youngest age group users - SAFE
  • The raised portion of the SANILID is to accept the can tab and create extra space for air flow which creates a more fluid liquid flow - QUALITY, SAFE and COOL
  • Manually control speed of liquid flow by placing upper lip at 12 O'Clock for faster or 6 O'Clock for slower flow - COOL and QUALITY
  • Thick (lots of raw material) and still flexible - QUALITY
  • Dishwasher safe - QUALITY
  • Baseball hat design - FUN
  • Forms to the 2 most universal rim diameters for juice, soda, beer.  Auto Form If (and only if) the first snap feels loose,  place in frig./freezer or on ice 2-4 minutes and re-snap - FUN and QUALITY 
  • No need to suck unwanted air up the length of a straw, which actually changes the true taste of the beverage out of the can. KEEPS A CAN A CAN.
ORDERING:TO THE RIGHT, UNDER THE PICTURES, BY CLICKING ON THE PAYPAL LINK.  This will send you through the secure paypal channel!  Easy and safe.
The specific function and design is mainly for single serving 12 oz. and 8 oz. short cans for those individuals with a smaller serving size need. It also fits (some tall cans as well).  As a single serving defines itself, there is no need to save the carbonation. If one feels the need to shut the hole a rolled up napkin works great.  Again, 0% choking factor for the youngest users, once is enough.

***** SANILID tm has passed the strict and respected National Consumer Testing Lab for consumer products.  This includes all FDA chemical tests, function tests and truth in advertising and labeling. ****

We offer the FAMILY 12 PACK: This is 6 sealed poly bags of 1 green and 1 blue lid per bag.  Producing  2 colors at this specific time for mass prepackaged retail and family 12 pack internet sales.  (THOUGH, CUSTOM TO ORDER PROMOTIONAL LIDS CAN BE BEST COLOR SHADE MATCH TO ANY COLOR. PLEASE SEE SERVICES SECTION ABOVE.) We will be sending the Family 12 pack, package by
USPS "Delivery Confirmation" to enable tracking to your address.
$21.21 total includes the S&H and Tracking.  Please contact us for shipping rates outside continental US.

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