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A more sanitary, fun and safe way for your family to enjoy 12 oz. and 8 oz. cans.  Accomplishes the same and
 MORE THEN the standard drinking straw 
(benefits listed lower left hand side in bullet section)

About Us

For over 15 years, inventor and owner Paul Barous has built a solid reputation as a MADE IN USA trusted business. He first thought of the, SANILID tm, idea when he was working for a Massachusetts Budweiser Distributor during college.  He is committed to providing  a quality and a safe product to the community. PRB Enterprises believes that manufacturing within the USA is the only way to contribute to family, local and national prosperity at the same time.  If enough MADE IN USA products were supported by the huge distributors and retailers, this would have a measurable macro effect on the USA economy as a whole (even small items).  Most impulse buy and or clip strip products one sees at grocery and or drug stores are from overseas (look at the back of the packing).    Ask your local grocer to buy USA made products, they are available.

Paul grow up in Massachusetts having work experiences: at a small local farm, at a furniture moving company, helping his father with his floor sanding machines manufacturing business, working as short order cook at a local fish fry, and delivering beer for a Budweiser distributor.  He has experience in sales in small construction equipment, real estate, advertising, home loans and invented 2 patents and a business method patent application.  Observing his fathers and mothers work ethic, he has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of how hard it is to succeed.  This has influenced the growth of a creative and driven individual that strives to create a successful enterprise that will contribute to the good of his family and the local and national economy.

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